Monday, December 22, 2008

Show Off Your Santas

Susan has asked everyone to show off their santas. I only have a few, but thought I would join in the fun. This happy couple above is part of a collection that my wonderful children have contributed to over the years. They are part of the Jim Shore - Heartwood creek collection. I love all of the sweet details that Jim puts into his creations. They remind me of patchwork quilts - colorful and complex.

This little santa is hanging out in my guest bathroom.

He's keeping company with this old guy - who's been in our family forever. I think my mom got this santa from her mother. Many of you have probably seen one like this - it is actually a bank.

This little teapot sits inside a shelf that I have in my kitchen. I used to have a huge collection of teapots. I have gotten rid of a lot of them, but kept the ones that my children have given me over the years. This cute little one was given to me by one of my boys.
I am kicking myself for parting with the set I had of these cute little mugs. Some started to lose their paint so I discarded a lot of them. I wish now that I had held onto them, as recently I have seen people start to collect them again. We always seem to come full circle don't we? It's a wonder we are able to part with anything that we have. Everything eventually seems to come back into style. A few years ago I was wishing I had held onto my puca shell necklaces when my daughters started wearing them. :)

So you see - not much of a santa collection. I will leave you with one more picture. Not of a santa, but one of my favorite Christmas treasures.
This little tree is another treasure that has been passed down through the generations. I am truly surprised that it has held up so well over the years. This picture isn't the best, but the tree is very colorful and sits proudly atop a shelf in my main floor bathroom.
Do you have a santa collection you would like to share? Hop on over to Susan's to see her beautiful collection and join in the fun. Be sure to let me know if you do a santa post so I can see your treasures too!




Happy To Be said...

Oh Girl I loved all your Santa's I really like Jim Shores is not lovely..I seen some of his stuff in the drug store the other night and it was screaming my name..but I have so much stuff now and no room left at the inn so I walked away from it...hope you have a safe and blessed Christmas in your new home...hugs and smiles Gloria

Glenda said...

I love Jim Shore's work. Last year I gave my sister, Susan one for Christmas and another for her birthday in January. She blogged about the one I gave her for her birthday. Here is a link to the post in case you're interested.

Your collection is wonderful. They do say that everything that goes around comes around. That may be why I have so much trouble clearing out my clutter. Not as much trouble with some things that I can find a new home for where I know it will serve a need. Donations are not hard, just getting rid of personal mementos.

Susan said...

I love all your Santa's!You have a really nice collection of them. It was sweet of you to link me. I am soooo new at all this blogging! Have a wonderful Christmas

kymber said...

I LOVE the Jim Shore angel you gave your sister! I haven't seen that one. What a wonderful gift to give to her! She is so fortuante to have you! It is great that you are so close - I have always wondered what it would be like to have a sister. My girls are not close - I figure in time they will be - at least I hope so.
Take Care,

Glenda said...

I am the one that is fortunate. God knew what I needed to keep me on the straight and narrow and sent her to me. I am ten and a half years her senior and we have always been close in our minds and thoughts.
About twenty eight years ago she moved to Metro Atlanta so I don't get to see her often. DH nor I either one handle Atlanta traffic, so she gets down here to Middle Georgia as often as she can.