Sunday, September 11, 2011

Been a Long Time

I have truly neglected my blog for months! My life has been INSANELY busy, and I have put most everything on hold. Just a quick update:
- I finished nursing school in June
- I took my State Boards Exam in July
- I PASSED and am now official a Licensed Practical Nurse!!!
- I got a job immediately - working PRN (as needed) at a nursing home. I worked two weeks of orientation and am now flying solo (yikes!)
- I am STILL looking for a job that will give me a full time position. The PRN position may only yield about 1 shift per week (if I am lucky).
- I have TWO job interviews tomorrow! One is for a fulltime position, it is second shift (2:00pm-10:oopm - which isn't really what I want, but if it gets my foot in the door, I am okay with it, until a daytime shift comes available). The second job interview is for another PRN position. Who knows? Maybe I can just piecemeal a schedule together! If I take the PRN postion, I know of one other place where I can get PRN (which means I will be working at three places) maybe I can then totally avoid working the weekends, so I can still spend my Sundays with the Lord at church, and my hubby watching football (our favorite thing to do together).

So as you can see - my mind has been on Job searching! I can't wait to have my life back again! I have been devoting about 3-4 hours a day to filling out applications. I am also going through all of my school books and materials, organizing them and then putting them AWAY in a large rubber maid container so that I can finally be at peace and move on with my life!

In other news - my dear daughter is about to have my second granddaughter any minute now! We will be flying to San Diego to meet her in a couple of weeks. I was hoping to be with my daughter when she gave birth, but as you know, it is close to impossible to plan that sort of thing, SO - this is the next best thing. I will be able to spend 10 glorious days with them, and I can't wait to bury my face in my new granddaughters sweet little neck and give her sweet Nana 'loves and kisses'!

I have so many things I want to share - but I am off to walk my dog and pray to my Lord and get my mind and heart ready for church

Here is a wonderful skit I heard when I attended a Women of Faith conference here in Atlanta. Such an inspirational event! This skit is about women and the impact we have on those around us. Our role as women may often go unnoticed by everyone, but GOD has given us a role we can be proud of - we have been given such a GIFT - and we all need to recognize how special that gift really is!
Blessings on your day today,