Monday, December 15, 2008

Decking The Halls

Ginger has been so anxious to share our Christmas decorations with you - so when I heard that Rhoda, BooMama and Julia were inviting everyone to share their decorated Christmas homes, I decided it was time. Okay Ginger...I'll get the camera out!

You know that you have a blogging obsession when you set out to participate on a day when you have a fever and the chills. I stayed home from work today because I was up all night with the beginnings of some sort of flu bug. Ginger can be VERY insistent though, so here we are! :)

Here, Ginger is showing you our tree. Move out of the way Ginger, and let the people see! (wow- I just noticed my star is crooked on top of the tree! ~sigh~)

It's kind of blurry - I seem to have the shakes today!

This is a close up of our mantle.
When we moved from Washington, we got rid of so many of our Christmas decorations. I have had to put things together on a very limited budget - It is amazing what you can do with a little imagination! When I was putting the berry trees up on the candlestick holders, I accidently knocked one over. You would never know it - but it is in two pieces now. It made me sick - I love those trees. I got them at an after Christmas sale otherwise I wouldn't have been able to afford them. After I take them down I will have to do some repair work - I am such a klutz!

I finally have stair railings to decorate - yet, as I said before I am on a very limited budget. I had to use things that I had in my craft room. I tore apart a poinsettia plant and scattered them throughout my house. As you can see, I used them in my tree, on my mantle, and on my railing. I just added touches of gold throughout to balance it all out. When I started out, I wasn't sure if I would be able to decorate everything because my house is so big and my budget so small. I am happy with it for this year. There are more things that I want to do, but it will have to wait until next year after I am able to hit the after Christmas sales.

This is by far one of my favorite treasures. (Shaky picture again!) I used a candlestick holder to put the angel up high. She is looking down on the beloved Christ Child. Yes, that is my hubby's favorite treasure up above the Nativity!Edited to add: It's his 52" monstrosity of a television.

I was so excited to find this wooden container at Hobby Lobby. I sure do love that store! I got it 50% off - a bargain at $7.00. I added cinnamon scented pinecones and some candles that I already had. Instant centerpiece!

Here is a simple arrangement that I put together for my kitchen table. I bought the cute little glass piece for $2.00 at Goodwill. I added some small balls to add in my favorite blue color and a candle that I already had. The cute vintage tablecloth has been in my family forever. My mom got it from my grandmother. I have always used it under my tree, but I decided to put it on the table this year. It has been used and abused over the years and has some rust stains, but I still treasure it anyway.

Well my friends, I am starting to fade. Time to eat some chicken soup and call it a night. I will finish up my tour for you tomorrow when I hopefully feel better -and can take a better picture :) Please stop by all of this week to see the rest of my home! If you are linking here from the other holiday parties - be sure to click here to get back to my home page.
Blessings to all and to all a Good Night!


Anonymous said...

Aww the house looks so nice! I wish I could be there to see it... and that picture of Ginger is so cute! Take care!

- Jake

Glenda said...

I think you have done extremely well to be starting over from nearly scratch. Really love the picture of your tree, those majestic windows flanking that wonderful fireplace. The tree looks gorgeous and the fireplace is amazing in size. That mantle must be at least six+ feet long.
I couldn't tell what your hubby's treasure was, but I am sure it was a man thing.
Whatever is going around doesn't want to turn you loose, so take care of yourself. I've been battling mine for about three weeks, but hope I've turned the corner.

kymber said...

Hi Glenda,
Thank you so much for all of the wonderful comments. I edited my post to add that my hubby;s treasure is a 52" "man" t.v. I wish it wasn't front and center in our living room, but at least I can see it when I am in the kitchen. :)
I am still feeling sluggish this morning, so another day of rest is in order. I love the time off, just wish I could spend it getting Christmas finished.
Have a great day today and I hope you are feeling better soon too.

kymber said...

Hi my son -
Thanks for leaving a comment-wish you were coming here so you could see the house too. It is the only thing that is missing around here - the wonderful sounds of my children. Love you and have a safe flight out to your dad's today. Say hi to everyone for me.

Kristi said...

You have a beautiful home~I hope that you feel better soon. Christmas blessings to you and your family!

Julia @ Hooked on Houses said...

You know you're dedicated to a party when you show up even when you're sick. :-) Hope you feel better soon!

Love the photo with your dog at the top of the post. Thanks for inviting us in and giving us the tour of your beautiful home! -Julia

Jodi said...

What a lovely home!

dran said...

Oh, your house is SO pretty. And we have a boxer too. Does your boxer stay out of your decorations? :)

Maya@Completely Coastal said...

Thanks for the tour..., my decor was done on a zero budget (and I feel so good about it!), all from last year and some of my favorite shells. Happy Holidays!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful home! Merry Christmas!

Geri said...

Great tree. Cute dog. Hope you feel better soon. I have a health and wellness blog and recently had some ideas for the flu or remedies for a cold (they might help).

Get better.

jennwa said...

Your home is beautiful. Thanks for the tour.

Get better soon.

Merry Christmas.

Stephanie said...

You did great! It looks amazing! :)

the pleasures of homemaking said...

Oh yeah, Hobby Lobby is the place! Love that store! Your house looks just lovely. I'm all for use what you have decorating. I tore apart some wreaths this year to use!


Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

I came over via Kimba's.
Your decorations are absolutely adorable!
I hope you'll visit soon, I will have my last giveaway of December this Friday.