Saturday, December 27, 2008

Holiday Happenings

Ahhh! Christmas is over for another year! Last night we enjoyed the company of new friends. We had a small informal holiday get-together. I made homemade pizzas and the usual holiday fare. The chairs in my dining room are not refinished yet, so I decided to set up the table in my kitchen area instead. I used a quilted table runner and placemats that I had made for my mother.
When she passed away, I received it back from my dad. Even though it's not my style, I kind of like the way it looks on my table. On New Years day when I take all of my Christmas decorations down, I may leave this out for awhile. Usually after Christmas I am MORE than ready to put everything away and start fresh, but for some reason this year - I am wanting to enjoy it a little while longer. I may leave my winter things up and put the more Christmasy type things away.
I am enjoying the slower pace of days off from work and my thoughts are turning towards the new year ahead. I don't know what it is about the start of a new year, but I always seem to get motivated to create. I am enjoying having a sewing room, and have been holed up there since Christmas day. I have many projects left to finish, but due to a short attention span, I can't help but start yet a NEW one. I decided to work on an Alphabet Book that I want to complete for my grandchild's birthday. It is made out of cloth and has many different textures for her to enjoy. I am hoping that she will grow up cherishing the little gifts that I make for her, like I enjoyed the ones that my grandmother made out of love for me.

One completed block - 25 more to go!Just need to add blanket stitch and french knots to this block and two will be done! They are pretty easy to make - I hope she likes it when it's finished! I will show it in a post when it is complete.
Back to the sewing room I go!


Susan said...

You are very talented! I have a sewing machine (somewhere).

The ABC blocks are adorable.... and I am sure the gift will be treasured!

Glenda said...

I so admire people with the talent and patience to do handwork. The closest I ever got was counted cross-stitch and alas my eyes no longer permit even that.
My Mother and her Mother could crochet to beat the band. I could never quite get the hang of it. Some of my Mother's work is visible on a post Susan did. Here is a link if you're interested.

I feel sure your Granddaughter will cherish her whole life, the book you are making. These are the kinds of things that make memories and heirlooms. Just as Susan now has something tangible to hold in her hands that she knows Mother once not only held, but made.

May the coming year bring you more peace than the past one did. It had to be unbelievably hard to move away from everyone and everything you were familiar with.
As you settle into the South, I pray that some of the loneliness you must feel will go away.


Happy To Be said...

Oh Kymber I have been thinking of you and wondering how Christmas in your new home went..glad to hear you are doing find girl!! love the ABC block book you are making how special this will be for your Grand daughter..thanks for sharing..hugs and smiles Gloria

kymber said...

Hi Glenda.
I love the crochet doilies that your mother made. I wish I could have HALF the talent that she did! I am self taught at everything that I do. I have had carpal tunnel surgery in my right wrist and will eventually need to have the other one done. It interferes with my sewing from time to time. I am currently trying to crochet an edging on a cross-stitch pillowcase that I made - my grandmother was so good at making them for me. I try - but it isn't relaxing. My shoulders bunch up and I can't relax - my hands are tense -so I can only do it in small increments. I am amazed at the fine work that some of these seasoned ladies can do.

Thank you for your kind words regarding my granddaughter - this is the reason why I am doing all of the sewing for her. I love to take out my grandmothers work and run my hands over it in admiration and admire the fine attention to detail. She poured her love into everything that she made for us. I want my granddaughter to feel the same - knowing that all of my love is pouring out through my work.

Christmas was a hard day for me, but I spent a long time on the phone with each of my kids. Thank goodness for technology - my hubby got me a webcam so that I can now communicate with them as if they were in the same room with me. I haven't tried it yet - still waiting for a few of my kids to get theirs set up, but it should be great - the next best thing right?

I am so grateful for all of my new cyber friends - I am grateful for YOU! It really helps take the loneliness away - this new outlet. I now have my wonderful new church family AND my wonderful new cyber friends - I am keeping myself busy - my life is full.

Blessings to you - I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Melissa Miller said...

Hi Kymber,
Glad to hear all is well.
Sounds like your party was nice. I do like the placemats. They have lots of warm color.
~Enjoy your weekend. ~Melissa :)

Golden Years Gal said...

I'll bet your Mother has been by your side looking over you this holiday season. She must have had a smile on her face knowing that you are using something that she probably cherished just because you made it for her. Enjoy it for years to come!

Glenda said...

Talent ran throughout my Mother's family, so sorry it seems to have bypassed me. One of Mother's sisters could do the most beautiful tatting. One year she gave the married nieces and nephews a set of pillowcases with a border she had made with her tatting shuttle. They were for standard size pillows and for over 30 years I've used king size. I had them stored in my cedar chest and recently gave them to my sister. She was not married at the time they were made, therefore didn't have a set. I have the memory, she has the cases, and time marches on but the love that went into the cases endures.

Sorry to hear about the carpal tunnel. Makes your efforts even more special.

I think you will really enjoy the web cams when everyone is properly connected. They will be right there in the room with you, not just a disembodied voice. You will be able to visually show them anything you want, including the progress you are making on your various projects.

Here is a link that I think you will enjoy, if you haven't seen it already.

I think you are making the most of the dash of just about anyone I know. As your life fills with more and more people and activities, there will be less and less room for loneliness.

kymber said...

Thank you for the video link and I appreciate again your very kind words. I really liked the video and am going to send it to one of my kids who would benefit from seeing it.

I would love one day to try tatting. I am left handed so I have to learn everything by left handed instructions or watch someone through a mirror. I will have to search the internet for instructions. So many projects I want to little time ~smile~
Take Care,

kymber said...

Golden Years Gal -
I don't know if you will come back to read this here - I left a comment on your blogpage, but it doesn't look like you have updated in awhile.
Just wanted to let you know I appreciate you stopping by and leaving such a sweet comment about my mom. The thought of my mother being able to be near me brought a tear to my eye. I miss her so much and it was so kind of you to say that. I hope you come by to visit again - and please update your blog - we can be an encouragement to each other - there are so many wonderful women out here in blogland. Come join the fun again!
Blessings to you,