Wednesday, July 8, 2009

W.I.P.(Work In Progress) Wednesday - Christmas in July

Because of my busy schedule lately, projects that I had hoped to work on have been put aside due to necessity. I have decided to pick up only those projects that I want to have complete by Christmas. For once I have decided to start these projects well ahead of time instead of unrealistically beginning them in November. ~smile~

While "Skyping" with my granddaughter the other day, she was proudly showing me all of her favorite toys. I am telling you - for those of you who are far from your loved ones - Skyping, or talking via webcam over the internet is the most wonderful invention! It is like sitting across the table chatting with your loved one! Thankfully I can enjoy my sweet Granddaughter and see her precious little face even though I am far from her. It is such a blessing!

"R" loves to show grandma all of her toys and we have long conversations about her beloved dolly that she got from her Auntie. I am going to make her a dolly dress from the pattern shown above. "R" has told me her favorite color is green.

Here are the fabrics I found to make the dress and apron with. The apron will be in the white with pink polka dots. I found some cute little pink heart buttons to use as well. It should be so cute!

I want to complete this stocking for my son "A" this year. He has been patiently waiting for one - I think it is about time I finish it while the poor boy is at home to enjoy it! He has a stocking - just not a homemade one. He has expressed that he would really like one made by me this year so that is what I will do! Really - I have the best of intentions - I just get so sidetracked! With seven children and a grandchild - it has been easy to do. There is always something pulling me in a different direction. I am showing this on my blog to hold my feet to the fire so I will get it done! :-)

It is going to be a cross stitch stocking. I haven't worked on counted cross stitch in years and I forgot how much fun it is! It takes SO long though - this may look like a meager beginning, but this is several hours worth of work. There are many colors in here already. Some of them blended together. My poor eyes are getting a work out! This is tiny!

Here is a close up. Because it is SO small, I can only work on this during daylight hours. I love to sit in the evenings and work on something while watching television with my hubby. He doesn't like many lights on while he is watching T.V. so I have only one lamp that is near my chair lit while I sew. With all of these slight variations in color that I have to work with, I usually have to put this project aside and pick up something else that doesn't require much light.

This is a fast and easy project and I LOVE the way they turn out! There is nothing like a cotton crocheted or knitted dishcloth for washing your dishes! They are SO absorbent and it is so satisfying to use them knowing that you have made them by hand. I have decided to make some for my daughters for Christmas. I am hoping to make a lot of my gifts this year. With the economy being what it is these days, we ALL need to scale back and look at what is REALLY important. My kids know that when I make something for them - it is made from my heart with all of my love put in every stitch! Because I am unable to be close to them at this time, I want Christmas this year to mean something more to them then something purchased from a store.

On the school front, I had my first day of class on Monday. My teacher is a practising Medical Doctor who teaches Anatomy/Physiology for future nursing students and doctors! He is so great at helping you to understand a concept. The class will be challenging, but looks so far to be fun. I have already had SO much reading to do and a test will be given every Monday. So far I am ahead of the game - but today I will start back to work after a glorious week off. I have been able to get so much done around my house this week. It is SO hard for me to go back to work!
Thanks so much to all of you who leave me such sweet and loving comments. Please know that I read and cherish them all and I will try to give you all a personal reply as soon as I am able. Even though I am not always able to comment as much as I would like to, I continue to read all of your blogs and hold each and every one of you in my thoughts and prayers everyday.
Blessings on your creative day today!


The Quintessential Magpie said...

Kymber, you are such a sweetheart, and we will enjoy watching those projects come to fruition. I think that is so sweet that your son wants a stocking YOU made! How neat is that! And you're off to a good start. My family all does/did counted cross stitch (except me), and I know the work that goes into it. I appreciate handwork and admire it even if I don't have the skill/patience to do it myself. LOL! I have done it (needlepoint), but counted cross stitch escaped me... so did regular cross stitch. My mother could do it, but she wasn't the world's best teacher. LOL! Sounds like your doctor is, though. I'm SO proud of you and wish you all the best in getting your career launched and your wonderful projects done. This is what my sister does for people for Christmas, and we are all in awe of her skills! Those doll clothes for that baby are going to be C-U-T-E!


Sheila :-)

Beginner said...

When I was still doing counted cross-stitch, I think I remember seeing a light that you hung around your neck and could direct the light straight down towards your work. If you live in or near a big city, you can probably find one (if they still make them). That would make you and hubby both happy.

You will be one busy lady in the coming months. Don't forget to take a little "me" time, now and again.

I will definitely check out Skype. I have a fried in Germany, but I don't know if her computer has a webcam. I'll find out though.

RCUBEs said...

Wow! I wish I have your energy! Lots of neat projects to do but your positive spirit is so inspiring. That's a lot of patience to crochet, knit, etc...My mom was a great dressmaker but I never learned how to sew. But I think I got her patience in creating masterpieces! The patience to help someone sick recover! And I know your patience will pay off in that route as well. With God along side, nothing will go wrong sister! I loved my anatomy class then. Until we were led to a room we, students didn't even know had a cadaver. God bless sister and thank you for taking the time to visit me as well despite the busyness.

Walking on Sunshine... said...

Glad your class is going well. Cannot imagine going back to school and having to take tests and all after all these years! And yes, I agree, using the camera over the internet is a fabulous thing. When my hubby was in Iraq, we each had a camera and would IM each other and get to see each other and the kids almost every day! What a great way to keep in touch. And how sweet that your little granddaughter is into is as well! Enjoy your day!

Chris said...

Nice to meet you!

Feedsack Fantasy said...

Dying to see all the completed projects.

Skyping is fun ... so much more personal, isn't it.

Once upon a time I tried needlepoint ... it was enjoyable.
TTFN ~ Marydon
PS Pop over for a visit.