Wednesday, February 25, 2009

W.I.P.(Work In Progress) Wednesday

Two posts in one day! I wanted to give my mom a post of her own today - I will post more about her at another time. I want to share with you what an amazing woman she was but I can't do it today. Her birthday is always such an emotional day for me. She was such a wonderful mother!

I missed out on posting last Wednesday about what I have been working on - due to my son's birthday post. February is a busy month for birthdays in my family! I wanted to make sure to post about it today. By now you all know what I have been feverishly trying to finish. I got a tad bit behind this week - I was hoping to be further along but here they are:

I can't seem to get the light just right in my house for taking pictures - so please excuse the dark photos.

I needed to take a break from all of the blanket stitching that I do on these blocks, so I have been trying to teach myself how to knit this week. I am left-handed so I have been trying to learn from a book that explains left-handed skills. This may take awhile! Slowly but surely I am learning, but I don't expect to knit anything complicated for quite awhile! I am learning though, that you can teach an old dog new tricks - you just have to have lots of patience! :-)

I need to stick with what I know how to do - that is to get this finished in time to send to grandbaby for her big third birthday!
If my ADD doesn't have another flair up this week - I should be back on schedule! (yes, I am kidding!) ~smile~
I am so excited to show you what I have been working on for my house - so check back this weekend - by then I should have the projects finished!
Blessings on the rest of your creative week,


The Quintessential Magpie said...

Kymber, that is going to be the cutest thing EVER! You know, those could really be framed, too. It's just the cutest, Kymber. Good job!


Sheila :-)

Kathy said...

Those are adorable Kymber. Great work on them! Have a blessed week!

Mimi said...

Oh, you are so talented! Quilting and sewing are two things that I've always said I would learn to do. Am I too old to learn now? Um, not sure...

Deb said...


Thanks for stopping by, love the quilting blocks, don't you just love quilts, my grandmother made so many of them, I just love having them on the bed, makes you feel like your getting a hug every night.

Walking on Sunshine... said...

What beautiful work you do!!! Can't wait to see the finished project. Sorry about your mom! I lost my dad last May and it still hurts. Don't think we ever get over the pain of not seeing them. Hope you're remembering happy times! Looking forward to your post!

Glenda said...

I think you are making splendid progress given the recent changes in your domestic situation. Glad to know things are getting back to "normal". I keep waiting to find out what normal is supposed to be.

I prefer things to just maintain the status quo myself. I guess they mean the same thing but to say back to normal indicates to me that something has been abnormal instead of just in a state of flux or change. Hope you get everything accomplished this upcoming weekend that you want to get done.

kymber said...

Hey Glenda,
Thanks for the encouragement! Things are busy around here with our new boy around - but it is a "good" busy! I love having him here he is so funny and keeps us laughing all of the time.

I won't be able to go to the lunch with the Georgia girls and I am so bummed! I was really looking forward to meeting your sis. I have to work on the day they are going - oh well - maybe next time!

Deepa said...

These are so beautiful!! My daughter is also 3 years old and I've been imagining something like this for so long-but never started it.

The Muse said...

I just think this is one of the sweetest and most creative works I have seen!