Friday, February 13, 2009

Surprise Revealed

I have been keeping a secret. Actually, I have been holding my breath until I was certain that this is really going to happen. It seems that our empty nest isn't going to be so empty after all. I have always said that when the birds leave the nest - they really just flutter outside the window for awhile. That is perfectly fine with me. One of our beloved sons is coming home to live with us! I am overjoyed!! This empy nest thing we have been going through is for the birds! (pun intended) :-)

Here he is with Ginger. This picture was taken a few years ago at our old house. She is sporting a pair of sunglasses. Classy lady huh? See the small strip of tape and texture piece missing from our wall - Ginger ate it one day! Thankfully she has outgrown that behavior. We had quite a few areas in our old house to repair before we could move. I am SO glad she hasn't gotten bored and tried that here at our NEW house!
She seems to have an issue with separation anxiety! Now she just chews on items like the T.V. remote if we don't remember to keep it out of reach.

Our son (my stepson) has been living with his mom for the last couple of years. He decided to stay with her when his dad's travel schedule got a little too crazy. He has lived with us for most of his life and now that dad isn't traveling as much anymore, he has decided to move back home. He is leaving behind his twin brother. His twin wanted to continue to live with his mother. I am hoping that the adjustment of being without his twin brother won't be a shock. They have never been all that close - even though they are identical! The twins are the youngest children in our family. All of our other children have grown and are either married or in college. We are so happy to have one of our kids back with us! I can't believe I am back to raising a teenager again! I thought that part of my life was over. He will be learning to drive soon ACK!!

With 6 children in our house it was extremely hard for us to "spoil"
our children with things that they wanted. Edited to add: We have seven children but our oldest was already getting ready to live on her own when we got married. We had seven in the house for awhile (long story) but for the most part had six in the house the majority of the time. Sorry oldest daughter - I wasn't trying to forget you in my story!

I think some of our children resented the fact that they always had to share us and share their space with so many other children. We just didn't have the room, or enough money to always do things for them that a household with one or two would be able to do. We had to have them all share rooms, and even though we tried our best to give them each time alone with us, it was difficult. Everything was a major production. For example - We had to limit the amount of time each child was allowed on the computer to 30 minutes - otherwise they would have been on there all night!

I hope the children have grown up knowing that each one of them is loved and very special to us. I have tried hard as a mother to try to give them that assurance. I was a stay-at-home mom and devoted myself to giving them as much of "me" as I was able. Even though we were short on room and money, I tried to spoil them with my love and time. I have loved nothing more in my life than being a mother. It is God's greatest gift to me! I have truly enjoyed having such a large family and feel so blessed that God gave them all to me to love and care for.

With this child coming home now - he has a large home to live in - a bedroom all his own for the first time in his life! Things will be different for him now. He will have privileges that the other ones weren't able to have because of there being so MANY of them in the house before. Hopefully - now that the children are older, they will all understand and not resent this.
Our door is always open to any of them who want to come back home to live. (hint, hint) I miss them all so much and would welcome any who need some "mama lovins" (inside joke) When they are here with us now I always try to "spoil" them. ~smile~

I would welcome any prayers sent our way that this will be an easy transition for our son. It is so hard to leave friends and family behind. Even though he thinks that this new adventure will be fun, it will also be hard to go to a new school and live in a new state. We are so very excited for this new change, just praying that he will be comfortable and happy here.
He arrives tomorrow - such a wonderful Valentine's Gift - don't you think?


Happy To Be said...

GM Kymber..I had a blended family like yours girl..Wally had 3 and I had 3..we use to tell people we were the Brady bunch...only I didn't have Alice in the kitchen helping me cook..Prays coming your way..I do hope this young man settle into your life...How are you doing girl?? hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

Melissa Miller said...

Kymber you are a wonderful lady and mother!
He will be so loved and very happy.
~Bless you!

Happy Valentines Day! ;)

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Kymber, this is such a sweet post, and that is one very blessed young man! And you are blessed, too, that your Valentine is coming home! :-)

Everything will work out because you are in his corner, and he knows that. We sure do!


Sheila :-)

Glenda said...

The dynamics of your family may be in a continuous state of flux, but the one constant is the love you share with and toward each other.

I do remember the teenage years with my stepdaughter being pretty rocky at times, but we all made it through. Now she is about to face the same with her daughter and son, GD will be 12 in May and GS was 10 this past Christmas Day.

My prayers will be with you as they are with her that these young people grow up and make their Mothers proud.

prof en retraite said...

Hi Kymber...What good news! I know how happy you must be. I can't imagine six...I always just had my one. However, she came back to live with me for a period of about 5 years with my little grandson, too. They were very happy times. She is married again and they have moved out. I miss them terribly, even though they are 10 minutes away! What a plesure it will be to have one back at home with you! Also...I am so glad you will be coming March 2nd! I can't wait to meet you! Have a great weekend...Debbie

Bella said...

This sounds like very good news indeed (though my mind did jump to quite a different conclusion!!!). I hope the adjustments are smooth!

ann said...

Congrats to you.At first,when I saw the nest and started reading i thought."Surely she's NOT pregnant?"
I'm glad you'll have someone there.I so remember that empty nest and HOW I hated it.Love you...Ann

kymber said...

Hi Glenda,
Sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you lately. My computer time has been hit or miss this week - it's been so busy around here! Can't wait til it slows down some!!

Thank you for your kind words. What goes around seems to come back around again doesn't it? I hope that your stepdaughter has an easier time than we had - it can be so hard and downright heartbreaking at times! I am sure she cherishes the relationship that she has with you now - now that she sees the other side of the fence and how hard it is to be a parent!

Hope you are enjoying your weekend.
Happy Valentines to you!

Lorrie said...

I agree that the empty nest is "for the birds." I'm happy that our youngest is living "on her own" in our basement suite and that I can see a little more of her than if she had moved out somewhere else.

It will be wonderful to have your son living with you!


~CC Catherine said...

Oh lovely this is that you will have your son back home! I'll be praying all goes well with the transition! ;) ~CC Catherine from "Catherine de th`e Cups"

Mimi said...

I have two married sons and seven grandchildren. If all eleven of them moved in tomorrow I'd be thrilled. Enjoy having your son home...such a special time for all of you.