Saturday, January 24, 2009

Pink Saturday

This is my first Pink Saturday post and I am so excited to be joining in the fun! Thanks to Beverly at How Sweet The Sound for starting this fun event. Be sure to visit Beverly's blog to see a complete list of participants.
I thought it fitting to show you a bathroom in our home that is made up of various shades of pink and burgundy. I call it the Rose Room - can you see why? :-)

I have enjoyed collecting rose items over the years. I have a few things left that I want to do in here - namely choosing a color for the walls that will compliment and not overwhelm this room. As you can see - there is a lot going on in here!

I love this heart plaque. I have always been drawn to "Victorian"decor. The shelf is something that I embellished years ago out of necessity.
When my daughter was young, she was in gymnastics. She loved to do cartwheels throughout the house. I had a hutch where I displayed all of my fine china that I received from my great-grandmother... Do you see where I am going with this?

My sweet daughter clipped the edge of a beautiful teapot that my grandma had given me and it fell to the floor and shattered into pieces before I could catch it. I was devastated and so was she!

I saved all of the pieces because I couldn't bear to throw them away. One day I read about mosaic designs in a magazine and I knew what I was going to do with the pieces. my girlfriend came over and finished the deed of breaking the teapot into smaller pieces because I couldn't bring myself to do it. After adhering the pieces onto the painted shelf, I grouted it, wiped it clean and what you see is the finished result! It was a fun project to do. If you are interested in doing a mosaic project of your own, check out this great HGTV article.
I am still able to hold onto a part of my beloved grandmother - all was not lost after all!
I hope one day to do more mosaic pieces like this - unfortunately, I have MORE precious items that weren't able to survive my children's roughhousing. I guess when you have seven children - you are likely to have some mishaps now and again. :-)

I found this shower curtain on ebay. It was one of the few times I actually won and got a good price in the process! I hope to pull a color out of this shower curtain to use for the paint color in the room. Maybe a light shade of mocha perhaps? I really am at a loss when it comes to paint colors!
(Pay no attention to the towels in this bathroom - I didn't even notice that they were all askew when I took the pictures!)

Okay - now the towel is straight - but it is off center - Grrr!
Isn't this a cute metal toleware piece? I got it at one of my favorite stores here in Atlanta "The Classy Flea." I am always on the lookout for toleware pieces and couldn't pass this one up.

Okay.... again -! ACK! What was I thinking? Did I just throw things together in here?
I am really proud of this picture. It was a card that I got free from Hallmark - some promo deal they had going - I don't remember. I picked up the frame for .25 at Goodwill and voila! A cute picture for pennies! I will probably spray paint the frame white to match the bathroom colors better.
Can you tell I also love candles? When guests come over they are always afraid their hair will go up in flames - but really - doesn't everything look better in the glow of candlelight?

I am so glad that you stopped by for my first Pink Saturday post! It has been a lot of fun showing all of my pink treasures to you! Now I am off to see what you have to show today!


Riet said...

Welcome to pink Saturday. I loved looking at all your pink roses. Love those too. Enjoy your day.

Jorgelina said...

Love looking!!
Happy pink saturday!!!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Hi, Kymber! Love all of your pinkness, and that shower curtain is particularly lovely! Roses are one of my favorite flowers. Hoping you have a lovely Pink Saturday. This is my first time to do this, too, and I'm looking forward to it.

Sending much love your way and hoping you are in the pink!


Sheila :-)

prof en retraite said...

Love your rose bathroom! And what a clever way to save your grandmother's tea pot! happy Pink Saturday...Debbie

White Iris Designs said...

Oh, I love the broken mosaic of the china...what a wonderful save of a treasure!!

Lorri said...

Welcome to Pink Saturday! So happy that you stopped by for a visit. I really enjoyed your blog, happy to have found you. Lovely pink things, I had that same wallpaper in one of my rooms. Have a great day.

Marie said...

Welcome to PINk Saturday. This is my 3rd week and I just strated my blog this month. I'm enjoying it all. Your bathroom truly has a victorian "feel". VERY pretty

Susan said...

I love your rose bathroom! How clever of you to make a mosaic on the shelf using your broken teapot!

Very pretty!

Happy Pink Saturday.

Anonymous said...

Very nice! What a great idea for the teapot.

erin said...

Welcome to Pink Saturday! What a lovely pink bathroom!
Erin :)

dana said...

WELCOME to Pink Sat!!!
I loved the tour of The Rose Room! I especially LOVED the story about your Gr.mother's teapot and how you put it to good use again! Yes, our kiddos can take out a lot of fragile stuff--just by stepping foot in a room sometimes! :)
I loved your towels---that touch made it look like the real home it is!!!
Happy First Pink Sat! Dana

ceekay said...

So pretty...I love the mosaic you did. I have got to try that someday.

Mary said...

Enjoy your first Pink Saturday! Your bath is so pretty and I love how you saved your grandmothers teapot. I am a thrifter myself and appreciate your card-frame finds..Perfect for the room, don't you love it when things fall into place like that?

Envoy-ette said...

Aww-you make me miss my pink bathroom from 16 years ago! I'm so happy for you that you have one! It was the happiest room in the house!

Happy To Be said...

Great first PINK Saturday post girl and I love what you did with your grandma tea pot...very cleaver..jope you have a great weekend girl...hugs and smiles and I know Susan and Santamaker also shop the lucky you girls are tohave a great olace to find beautiful treasures rom...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

Lady Pamela said...

Great first post. I love your Heart Plaque and the wonderful story of your mosaic shelf.

Glenda said...

You are one crafty lady, my friend. What a wonderful and inventive way for the teapot to live on.

I love the way the colors come together in the "Rose" room. Whatever color you choose for the walls will undoubtedly provide the perfect backdrop.

The Muse said...

I am traveling and have not had a lot of time for personal computer I am posting Pink Sat... just under the wire ! LOL

And I do hope to get to visit all the lovely postings!

Oh your little cottage loo could be used in so many posts! :) What a delight!!

Dawn said...

Your shelf is beautiful! Yep, 7 kids would keep ya on your toes, you look great for starting fresh! Happy first Pink Saturday.

Beverly said...

Welcome to your first Pink Saturday, Kim.

Your bathroom is so pretty, and you have such lovely things. I love what you did with the shelf. That as a great idea for keeping a special treasure.

CC said...

Hi Kymber..I love all your pinks, specially the shelf. Welcome to Pink Saturday..I hope you have tons of pink fun..:)

Kathleen said...

Welcome to Pink Saturday Kymber! I love the story of your Grandmother's teapot. What a wonderful way to "keep it". Your project came out beautifully. THe tole piece caught my eye...really nice. THank you for the tour of your rose room! Hugs

Anonymous said...

Beautiful first Pink Saturday. I love the way you used the beautiful china to make he mosaic shelf. It is so pretty. About the towels being "askew". isn't it amazing how things like that show up in photos. I've noticed dust in photos that I didn't notice when I took them. Seems like everything shows up that you didn't think about.
Happy Pink Saturday.

Anonymous said...

Again, I should have proofread. "the, not he mosaic shelf"

Diane said...

Hy Kymber, Welcome to Pink Saturday! I've also hung onto to some broken treasures, one of these days I'm going to mosaic them onto something. Love all your pinkness! ♥ Diane

Anonymous said...

Welcome to your First Pink Saturday! i love your bathroom...everything was just beautiful! Love your mosaic...It's just gorgeous...expecially you was able to keep a treasure of your grandmother. Love all your pink..and thank fro sharing how to make mosaic. I always wanted to know how. Happy Pink..katherinellen

Virginia said...

Welcome to pink Saturday;Love all of your pinkness.
virginia :)

Lady Lynn's Boutique said...

Welcome to pink Saturday! Lovely bathroom filled with pink treasures!

Llyn M said...

Nice bathroom! I, too, love Victorain. Happy first PS and welcome!!

Belinda said...

I love the rose room...yep, that's a perfect name for it! I'm sorry to hear about your Grandmother's lovely floral teapot, but that's a great idea to use it in a mosaic to preserve the pretty pieces. :-)

Angie said...

Welcome to Pink Saturday!I love your rose bathroom. I collect roses and toleware, too...! I think Mocha would be a nice complement on the walls..or a really pale pink would be nice, too.

claudie said...

How could I have missed you?
I'm a blue Monday poster also. Well here I am and I adore your beautiful bathroom. You should have entered it in Sondra's pink contest.

Elizabeth said...

I am very impressed with your mosaic on the shelf! A great way to hang on to the teapot.
Welcome to Pink Saturday!

Geri said...

Loved your whole rose theme. I collect roosters. Why? I don't know, but they are everywhere.

Jillian said...

Welcome, welcome! Glad you joined in today...

And the mosaic project is perfect to keep the memories of the teapot. Good job!


Anonymous said...

Great post.
Happy pink saturday!!

imjacobsmom said...

Welcome to Pink Saturday. I am loving that shower curtain. It really is very pretty. That was ingenious to make that shelf with the mosiac. I too wouldn't have had the heart to break the rest of the teapot, but at least you still get to look at it all the time. ~ Robyn

Joy said...

Hello and welcome! Your mosaic shelf is really pretty. :o)

Anne Fannie said...

Hi Kymber, Welcome to your first pink saturday! I love all your pinkness. The roses are so pretty. I also do mosaics!
Lovely blog, I enjoyed visiting today!
Love, Ann

Kathleen Ellis said...

Welcome to Pink Saturday....thank you for sharing your pretty pink bathroom...I love what you did with the pieces of your grandmother's teapot!
Have a happy week!

Melissa Miller said...

Hi Kymber,
Your bathroom is absolutely gorgeous!
Love the shower curtain.
Fabulous PS post!

Hope your Sunday is blessed.
~Melissa :)

KatCollects said...

Welcome to your first pink Saturday, I am a little late : ) I love your pink bathroom, and what you did with the broken teapot. And the video from today's post is so beautiful, thank you.

pinkkandy said...

Happy to have you join us on Pink your Rose Room

Short and Sweet said...

Don't worry about your towels...even when mime are "straight" they are crooked! Welcome to Pink Saturday and I hope that you participate in many more. I'm new to the group too...only posted the last 3 weeks. Thank you for a tour of your is very pretty.

kymber said...

Hi Glenda,
Thanks for the sweet comments! I enjoyed showing my "Rose Room". Wish it was Spring so that I could plant some outside - if you can't tell it is one of my favorite flowers :-)
Take care,

Sheri said...

Hi Kymber! I am in love with your bathroom! And your mosaic is wonderful! Hope you had a fabulous first PS!
Sheri~~Prim Rose Hill

ann said...

Yes,I'm late.We went to see our daughter.Pam,the one I blogged about.She lives 2.5 hrs away.
I'm glad you joined in.It's fun.But...I'm about out of PINK.HAHA...Ann

kymber said...

Hi Pinkkandy,
I don't know if you will stop back by to read this, but I can't visit you because you don't have your profile enabled (?)

I would LOVE to visit your blog - I appreciate your taking the time to comment. It's nice to meet you!