Wednesday, January 7, 2009

An Award!

Edited to add: sorry about the tiny font- I thought this would appear larger than it is - Please take the time to read it though to learn more about some amazing sister bloggers.

I have met some of the most wonderful new friends here in blogland. I want to warmly thank ALL of you who have taken the time to leave me such sweet comments. I really enjoy getting to know all of you. Blogland is such a loving, caring community of people isn't it? One of my sweetest new friends Ann was kind enough to think of me when she chose to send out this award. Thank you again Ann! You are such a dear, warm loving person and I feel blessed to know you! Ann received HER award from Mary who wrote this to describe it:
"The concept behind this award is that the blog creators have shown an uncanny knack for silver linings and making the best of bad situations (i.e., lemonade from lemons).
The rules are simply to name ten sites that reflect this silver lining philosophy."
Thank you Ann for thinking of me! As you probably read in my last post, I HAVE been making a lot of lemonade lately! :)
Well, to pass this along to ten sites will probably be too hard. I am sure we ALL can relate to making lemonade from lemons from time to time . After all - Life can be brutal for us all! I will try to name a few ladies though who have really touched my heart.
Mary already chose Cindy to receive this award, but she is a dear lady that I would definitely say has dealt with her fair share of lemons and has been such an inspiration to me with how strong she has been through it all. Cindy is a single parent with one child left at home. She has chosen to put her daughters needs above her own, and raise her before she dates again. I have often thought how HARD this decision must be for her yet, what an awesome gift it is for her daughter. She has the gift of her mother's undivided attention and I truly believe Cindy, that you will be richly rewarded for this wondeful sacrifice that you are making for her. I believe that the decision that you have made will help her to grow up strong, self assured and independent. Knowing that to have a relationship with a man is just "icing on the cake" but not needed to make her whole. My hat is definitely off to you Cindy!
Autum (and yes, you read that right - it is Autum without the "n") is a woman who has dealt with her fair share of lemons and isn't afraid of wearing her heart on her sleeve. I admire this about her. She has a very rare disorder that affects her lungs and is currently on the list for a lung transplant. This has not stopped her from having a full life. She is so creative and is such a warm and loving person. I am still getting caught up on reading her past posts, but if you want to learn more about this charming woman and feel her strength, definitely check her out.
Nita is also a gal who is very deserving of this award. Her husband was taken from her tragically through a freak accident. He was her best friend. I cannot imagine the strength that it has taken this dear woman to be able to stand again. But she has! She is such an incredible inspiration to me. She has been dealt blow after blow in her life yet she clings to the Lord who gives her the strength she needs to continue. Again, I am still getting caught up on reading her blog - I love to read about people from the beginning don't you? Grab a tissue and go meet this dear, dear, woman and be inspired.
Tracey -is a gal who definitely deserves this award. Tracey has risen from the devastation of divorce to become a little powerhouse of activity. She isn't afraid to share her pain and I have learned alot from how she has handled things through it all. She is a fighter and such an inspiration. She is one talented lady - I don't know WHERE she gets all of her energy! My goodness - the girl must never sleep!
Through every trial that we go through in this life, don't you all just LOVE the spirit and strength of a woman! We take a licking and keep on ticking don't we?
I have learned that no matter WHAT we are given in this life - that we are ALL survivors and if we cling to the Lord and learn from what He is trying to teach us through it all - through HIS strength - we can get through any trial!

I really must go get ready for work but I hope to post later today my W.I.P. (work in progress) that I am trying to complete. Come back later and check it out. I am soooo excited by how it is turning out. Please join me and get out those projects that are sitting idle in your craft areas. I know you have them! Let's make this a year that we get some of them done shall we? Join me each Wednesday and show your progress. We can play "show and tell" and maybe it will help motivate us to finish them.
Blessings on your day today!


Cindy ~ My Romantic Home said...

Thank you so much for this award! What an honor to receive it again.

Autum said...

I am so touched by your kind words. You never know who is reading the words you put out there when you have a blog or how it will affect them. It is affirming to know that what can feel like time wasted (lets face it, blogs can take up lots of time) may have touched someone in a meaningful way. Thanks for thinking of me!

ann said...

Yes,Kymber you are so right.Women are wonderful,yes we are.I am so glad to know about Autum.I am going to get to know her.Keep on a hanging girl...For whatever reason,you reminded me.My daughter once sent me a card with a mouse hanging on to a tree with just his tail.The caption said ." hang on".We're hanging aren't we...Ann

Happy To Be said...

GM Kymber..Great post girl..that what I love about blogland is all the caring and sharing I see here..hope you have a great day dear friend...hugs and smiles Gloria

Glenda said...

I hope you found my late message. Susan can be reached via her blog. Just scroll down and near the end of the right hand column she has a link to her profile. On the profile is a contact link.

Congrats on your award. I think you are right that all of us have numerous opportunities to make lemonade. I'm afraid that sometimes we forget that God is the sugar that cuts through the bitterness of the lemons in life and makes it all bearable. I know that you will persevere in your present situation. You haven't forgotten the "sugar".

Susan said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE your posts!

Stop by my blog..I have left you a little something at

Melissa Miller said...

Congrats Kyber and well deserved!

Geri said...

Hi Kymber:

Thanks for the message on my blog. I've been in California since 1996
, and like you say, it is really hard to be away from family and friends. I have friends in Utah that I've been friends with for 36 years, so it's hard to move somewhere that you don't know anyone. Blogging does help and you can make alot of friends that way.

kymber said...

Sorry it has taken me a bit to respond to you. Yes - I got your message about how to contact your sister. I appreciate the info - I am really looking forward to hearing her words of wisdom regarding this topic.

I LOVED what you said about God being the sugar that cuts through the bitterness. I will have to remember that - that is so true! He definitely makes it bearable. I am SO grateful to have the Lord in my life! For years I wandered in the desert before I finally realized that I didn't need to do it all alone- He has always been right beside me even if when didn't often notice him there.
Take care my friend!

The Muse said...

Thanks for following the Divas Hammer, I have added you to my Blog Roll of Merry Musers and my Must Reads! :)

Congrats to you and to those is wonderful that blogging can have such a GOOD impact on others!

Glenda said...

Just wanted you to know I have been praying these past few days for all of your family in Washington. I know how concerned you must be, being so far away.

My hope is that the only river they have to deal with is the river of prayers carrying them along to a safe shore.

Susan said...

when you get a minute stop by!

Glenda said...

I surely am glad things are calming down a little weather-wise in Washington. Hope your family was not affected too badly.

kymber said...

Hi Glenda,
Thank you so much for your prayers going out for my family and for your concern. Things have been quiet on the homefront so I am unclear of any weather problems they have been having. My son has been with his dad now over Christmas break, I long to talk with him but I am trying to lay low and let him have some time with his friends. I will call today to make sure everything is alright over there. Usually with my kids - no news is good news. They ALL come running to mommy when they are having problems :)
Thank you again for you prayers - I miss them all so much and hope that soon I will be able to get some extra money to fly my daughter and granddaughter here to stay with me for awhile.
I miss them all so much. For some reason taking down the Christmas tree was harder on me because my son had helped me decorate it.
Have a geat day today!
Also - feel free to email me if you want- we can always chat that way too.

Happy To Be said...

Hey girl thanks for coming by and seeing some of my manly things..hope you have a great week end dear friend...hugs and smiles Gloria

The Muse said...

Thanks for all your support while I was "lost" :)
Good to be back!