Saturday, November 29, 2008

God Has a Sense of Humor

There are many things that I am beginning to appreciate about living here in the South. I love the warm weather, the beautiful trees in the Fall as they change colors, the people - who are so friendly and polite, the wonderful variety of stores that I encounter - I could go on and on. The one thing that I definitely don't like though, is the bugs!!

We have an unfinished basement. It is kept very clean because I really don't like happening across any of the numerous critters we have here in the South. I am not used to having to deal with such a large variety because living in the Pacific Northwest for all of my life - we just didn't have any. (except maybe the wolf spiders that would come out in the Fall - ick!)

I have a treadmill in the basement - eventually we hope to finish an exercise room in the basement, but for the time being it sits alone in a room that has exposed insulation all around. As I am running on the treadmill I am constantly looking over my head because I am terrified that one day I will feel a spider fall on me - thus resulting in a broken neck as I catapult off of the machine. My husband is fairly understanding about this - he does get annoyed with me from time to time, but he has been a great spider killer for me in the past when I've needed him. He will go down in the basement and vacuum up all of the spiderwebs and dead things for me so that I don't have to see them and so that I can continue to live in my fairytale land that has no bugs in it.

The first day that we arrived here at our new house, we walked in and found a big dead bug on the floor. We hadn't even been in the house for five minutes and I was on the phone - calling the exterminator. Now I am happily receiving treatments to the house every three months and so far the only bugs I have seen have been dead ones. The exterminator said that they will come in between visits to spray if we were to see any live bugs and my wonderful husband told the man that he better clarify what constitutes as a need to come out because I would call him if I saw one fly in the house.......what a dear man my hubby is - and SUCH a sense of humor - wouldn't you say?
Anyway, the other day I happened to be down in the basement spray painting one of my thrift store finds when out of the corner of my eye I spotted a big dead water bug. These things are the epitome of UGLY. They look like a cockroach on steroids. I have become used to seeing them now - so I thought to myself; "Wow - I don't jump anymore when I see them. They don't seem to scare me as much as they used to. I must be getting used to them." You know how your mind will just happen on something and you will be off to do something else.

Fast forward a few hours. I was upstairs doing some laundry. I opened up my dryer to throw my wet clothes in and this is what I saw:

EWWWWW!!! I can't believe that it was IN MY DRYER. I am still not sure how that was possible. It was laying on it's back and my hubby thought that it must have gotten in there by crawling on some clothes that I tossed in the washer. I don't think so though because if it went through the wash cycle AND the dry cycle it would have been in pieces yet it was all in tact- just laying there all by itself for me to happen across.

God is keeping me on my toes - perhaps He needed a good laugh. Maybe He wanted to see how high I could jump. Needless to say I now am very cautious when I open the dryer door. Hmmm.... Where's that exterminators number anyway? Oh that's right - I have him on speed dial.
Edited to add: I guess the picture I tried to upload was too big for my post - but you get the idea - these bugs are ugly. It showed up on my draft though. Oh well, please have patience with me. I am new at this.


Glenda said...

I do hate to be the one to tell you, but some of the cockroaches fly. They really should have pilot licenses.
If you see something moving unexpectedly through the air and it's not a hummingbird, it may be my worst nightmare, a flying roach. I am even afraid to step on a cockroach, for fear it might take off. I always keep a broom between me and the roach as I try to sweep it out the door. That broom is bigger than my foot, and I have been known to try and cripple the roach and his flying ability, before dispatching him out the door.

Not sure what part of the state you are in, but for your sake, I hope it is above the "gnat" line.
Check out this link and you will begin to understand:

Even considering the vermin, I wouldn't choose to live anywhere else.

kymber said...

Ewww, Ewww, they fly??? Oh I hope I never see THAT happen! I guess I need to get a broom like yours. See - I am learning slowly but surely what it takes to be a proper southern lady. :) I live in the Atlanta/Metro area and have never encountered the "flying teeth" or so my husband likes to call them. He is a retired Navy man and when his submarine would pull into port in Kings Bay Georgia, he said the gnats were unbearable. I take my dog out in the summer and sometimes come in with small bites on my arms. I am constantly on the lookout for mosquitoes and never saw where these bites came from. I am wondering now if they were gnat bites.
"Off" spray is my new perfume in the summer months now :)

I agree with you - it is a wonderful place to live despite the little critters - now I may NOT say that if they ever come near my bed!

Happy To Be said...

GM Kymer, girl you did great coming to my blog..Oh and girl I would die if I seen a bug that big..all I have to worry about is bears and snakes here in the mountains..My folks had a home in Cabo, Mexico and I seen flying roaches and Glenda is right on they should have a pilot license the are huge..Have a great day girl..hugs and smiles Gloria

Glenda said...

Don't worry Kymber. You live in my sister's neck of the state, well above the gnat line. I live in Middle Georgia, too close to the gnat line for comfort. We are only bothered occasionally, however.
I swear the babies that are born below the gnat line almost know from birth how to blow out of the corners of their mouth, to keep their eyes and nose clear from these aggravating pests.

The mosquitoes in Georgia didn't get the memo that told them to only come out at dusk or later. Underneath any of our beautiful shade trees, you may become lunch. Pecan trees are particularly bad in my personal experience. Like you said in your post,"God Has a Sense of Humor". I can almost hear him thinking, 'I'll give them these wonderful nutmeats, but only if they are willing to put up with my insects'. It is a good trade off, if you are prepared. These are the bites you are probably getting as you walk your dog. If the bites itch so bad you feel like scratching till you draw blood, it is probably mosquito bites.
If the cockroaches need pilot licenses then we also need saddles for the mosquitoes. I swear some are almost big enough to ride.

BTW, thank you for responding to my comment.

Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) said...

For a while I had one of those giant cockroaches in my home almost every single night. They were always in the laundry room where I the cat food and dog food is on the floor. I went to Home Depot and bought those black plastic roach baits...the kind that are for the LARGE roaches and have poison inside. I bought a bunch of them and put them around the dryer vent, since I think that's where they were coming in. I put them under the island in my laundry room. I put them behind the washer. I put them about everywhre you think of where they were visible. After about 48 hours, I never saw another one...not for probably 6 months. Soon as I saw the first one, I put out a fresh batch of those things and I don't think I've seen one since. They have learned that my house is NOT a good house to visit. I highly recommend those roach baits. And don't leave dog food out on your deck or in the garage or anywhere that will draw them to your home. Hope that helps! Susan
P.S. I've lived in GA ALLL my life and you NEVER get used to those things. And Glenda (my sister) is right...they can and will fly!

kymber said...

Thanks for the great idea about using a trap. I am hoping that I don't have to do that but I WILL if I have to. The exterminator will come out as often as needed to get rid of any residual pests. I pay once every three months for the service and if I need them is needed in between sprays - I get extra visits for free. The bugs have always been dead when I find them -(just wish I didn't have to find them!) I don't know what I would do if I ran across a live one :)
Take Care,