Wednesday, April 8, 2009

W.I.P.(Work In Progress) Wednesday

Don't you just love this picture? Her dollies are sitting attentively close by watching her sew - too cute!

It has been a few weeks since I have posted my progress on the Alphabet book. I have finally finished all of the blocks (well - with the exception of a few details to finish up here and there) and am now putting together the pages! Right now I am on a time crunch - I need to get this in the mail very soon - I am quickly running out of time!

The blocks appear wavy in these pictures - it is just due to throwing them down carelessly and taking the pictures without taking the time to smooth them out. A photographer I am not! ~sigh~

I love how this little watermelon turned out. The red fabric actually has watermelon seeds on it. It is amazing the fabrics I have been able to find in my stash! The seeds are HUGE, but that is beside the point. LOL! I have a little nick in the felt on this one. I am hoping that because it is in the binding, it won't be seen. This is the last of the felt that came in the kit. The pattern for this book came with enough felt to supposedly finish all of the blocks. I got this kit many years ago and found that when I cut all of the blocks out, I was short four blocks worth! I went to several fabric stores to buy some additional felt, and was only able to find felt that is a tad bit lighter than the original and also it isn't as thick as what came in the kit. How frustrating! Thankfully it will be sandwiched together with another block so hopefully that will help keep it sturdy. I may need to back a few with a thick piece of interfacing. I will cross that bridge when I get closer to finishing the book.

I have had so much fun putting this together! Even though I am more than ready to start a new project, I will be sad to see this one go. As you can see I am not quite finished with the "Z" Block. The pattern called for a painted on zigzag stitch for the mane. I thought it would be fun to add some texture so I have been painstakingly adding a fringe mane instead. It takes awhile because you have to knot each individual cluster of thread. I feel like I am all thumbs when I am doing this on such a small scale. I am pleased with the end result though.

Here are a few of the blocks that have been placed back to back and handsewn together. It looks handsewn - a bit rough around the edges - but that is the idea! I now need to add the 1/2 " cuts on the side to thread my torn homespun strips of fabric that will bind the book together and it will be finished! Hopefully by next week I can show you the finished book and the beginnings of a new project. I have been slowly washing and ironing all of the fabrics in my stash to start an applique quilt that I have wanted to make for quite some time. It will be another great take-along project to work on while the kiddos I am watching are napping during the day.

Hope you have a fun day working on projects that you love!




Beginner said...

I used to use an iron-on fabric stiffener sometimes with counted cross stitch. That might be something to look into, to make your felt sturdier.

You project looks really great and I know your GD will have much enjoyment from all your hard work.

Walking on Sunshine... said...

I have no talent at all when it comes to sewing! So I am always amazed at when I see your quilt blocks and think how professional they look. The only thing I can do is cross stitch, but sadly haven't done that in years. I'm sure once the book is put together it is going to be beautiful!!! Great job!

Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) said...

Kymber this is sooo them. I like projects where you can do it in sections and you really feel like you are accomplishing something. Great pic of the little girl with all her babies. :-) Susan

Kathy said...

It's absolutely beautiful. Thank you for encouraging the rest of us to take these kinds of projects on when the season is right. Blessings.

Faye said...


Lorrie said...

your alphabet blocks are adorable. you do wonderful work.


Happy To Be said...

Just Wonderful girl...job well done pat yourself on the back..Are you having any of your family For Easter day?? may it be a blessed one...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

The Charm House said...

Wow Kymber,
This is so beautiful! What patience you have.... I like to pick up a project and have it finished in a day or two!!! Beautiful Job!

Really Rainey said...

My Grandma used to make poke cake... its so moist! I forgot about it.. Thanks for reminding me! I'm gonna make that for Easter!
Hoppy Friday
~Really Rainey~