Friday, April 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Sweet Pea

It is my granddaughter's birthday today. She is a big three year old now! I can't believe how fast the years have gone by. I seems like just yesterday when we welcomed her into the world.

I didn't get my daughter's permission to put current photos of the "birthday girl" on my blog, so these will have to do - The first picture was taken the day of her birth - doesn't grandma look tired? I was allowed to participate in her birth - it was so scary and exciting standing helplessly nearby. A very long day- but so worth it! She had such a tough time coming into this world.

My daughter had several miscarriages prior to "R's" birth. We were so devastated by the losses and were afraid to hope again but God finally blessed us with a healthy, beautiful little bundle of joy!

Today she sports a full head of wild curly black hair that her mama constantly tries to tame and eyes that you can get lost in. They are big and blue and she has the most amazing eyelashes. I am so smitten with this little bug!

She celebrated her third birthday far away from me and I am so sad that I missed her special day. Thankfully her Grandpa and Aunt (my oldest daughter) were able to fly out for the weekend to help her celebrate. Auntie (my oldest daughter) got "R" a cabbage patch doll which is what my oldest daughter had received from her grandmother the day her sister (my granddaughter's mother) was born. Was that clear as mud? It is hard to describe without using names on this blog! The cabbage patch doll that my oldest daughter received from her grandmother the day her sister was born was very special to her. I am hoping that "R" cherishes her new cabbage patch doll that her Auntie gave her too. I have heard that she has been taking it with her wherever she goes and although she has several dollies - this one is now her favorite. I am hoping the relationship between "R" and her Auntie will continue to grow and that she will be as close to her Auntie as I am to mine.

This is the beautiful birthday cake that my daughter designed and made from scratch for the big day. Isn't it great? "R" loves the children's show
"Yo Gabba Gabba" so my daughter used it as her theme for the birthday party. She designed the characters out of fondant and painstakingly colored the fondant "clay" and molded them into these delightful little creatures. She said that the fondant was a "bear" to work with and her hands were quite sore afterwards. What a cute result though - I am so proud of her. She is such a good little mother and so creative!

Here are close ups of the little creatures:

This is "Foofa"

Foofa's buddy is "Muno"

This is "Plex"

This little guy is called "Brobee" - the little round containers hold the coloring paste that she used to add color to the fondant.

This cute little creature is called "Toodee". I haven't a clue as to what kind of creatures they are but the kids seem to love them these days. The whole show is based around the creatures that come out of a television set - that is why the cake looks like a t.v. stage - so I am told. Grandma's aren't as in tune with these new shows I guess! As long as my girl is happy - that is all that matters to grandma!

My daughter constantly amazes me with her talent. I have told her that she needs to get into the cake decorating field somehow as she is such a natural at it. I remember the days of trying to make birthday cakes for my childrens birthday parties and how stressful it was! My daughter has the patience that I never had. The birthday party was held last weekend. It was a huge success.

Tonight "R" will celebrate quietly with her mommy and daddy. Last weekend was lots of fun with family and friends and my poor daughter was exhausted! Now they can have the time they need to make family memories alone together.

Happy Birthday Sweet Pea! I love and miss you so much. Lots of kisses and hugs sent your way!
Love you!


Beginner said...

It is a shame to me that little ones don't understand the yearnings that adults have to be with them, until they grow up and have those same feelings themselves.

I agree with you, your daughter should not keep her talent hidden all to herself. If she is not interested in a home-based business, she might at least consider taking special orders for family, friends, and acquaintances.

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Happy Birthday to your litle grand! Thanks for sharing with us, too.



Walking on Sunshine... said...

Happy Birthday to your little granddaughter! The cake looks so beautiful! Your daughter is very talented! Many blessings to her and your family! Hope you get to spend some time with them soon!