Sunday, September 11, 2011

Been a Long Time

I have truly neglected my blog for months! My life has been INSANELY busy, and I have put most everything on hold. Just a quick update:
- I finished nursing school in June
- I took my State Boards Exam in July
- I PASSED and am now official a Licensed Practical Nurse!!!
- I got a job immediately - working PRN (as needed) at a nursing home. I worked two weeks of orientation and am now flying solo (yikes!)
- I am STILL looking for a job that will give me a full time position. The PRN position may only yield about 1 shift per week (if I am lucky).
- I have TWO job interviews tomorrow! One is for a fulltime position, it is second shift (2:00pm-10:oopm - which isn't really what I want, but if it gets my foot in the door, I am okay with it, until a daytime shift comes available). The second job interview is for another PRN position. Who knows? Maybe I can just piecemeal a schedule together! If I take the PRN postion, I know of one other place where I can get PRN (which means I will be working at three places) maybe I can then totally avoid working the weekends, so I can still spend my Sundays with the Lord at church, and my hubby watching football (our favorite thing to do together).

So as you can see - my mind has been on Job searching! I can't wait to have my life back again! I have been devoting about 3-4 hours a day to filling out applications. I am also going through all of my school books and materials, organizing them and then putting them AWAY in a large rubber maid container so that I can finally be at peace and move on with my life!

In other news - my dear daughter is about to have my second granddaughter any minute now! We will be flying to San Diego to meet her in a couple of weeks. I was hoping to be with my daughter when she gave birth, but as you know, it is close to impossible to plan that sort of thing, SO - this is the next best thing. I will be able to spend 10 glorious days with them, and I can't wait to bury my face in my new granddaughters sweet little neck and give her sweet Nana 'loves and kisses'!

I have so many things I want to share - but I am off to walk my dog and pray to my Lord and get my mind and heart ready for church

Here is a wonderful skit I heard when I attended a Women of Faith conference here in Atlanta. Such an inspirational event! This skit is about women and the impact we have on those around us. Our role as women may often go unnoticed by everyone, but GOD has given us a role we can be proud of - we have been given such a GIFT - and we all need to recognize how special that gift really is!
Blessings on your day today,


Sarah (Nikki) said...

congrats on getting your degree and that the job....I know more doors will open for you....

RCUBEs said...

It's awesome to hear sister that you are doing well! Congratulations and praying the Lord will open that door of opportunity for you! God bless.

Charlotte said...

It's so good to have you back sharing with us, Kymber. Congratulations on your successes and I'm sure the job situation will work out for your good. Glad you can be with your daughter for that special occasion. I enjoyed the video. Thank you for sharing it. It is a message every woman should hear.

Ruth said...

You have been busy and it has paid off. I pray you get the right job for you.
Nothing like a new grandbaby. I too have had to travel for those special births. So hard to leave them behind when I came home, but so thankful for email, texting and skype!
Blessings on your week.

Ruth said...

I pray the right job opens up for you. I have traveled for the birth of grandbabies also. So hard to leave them behind when I returned home. But thankful for email, texting and skype.
Blessings on your week.

Ruth said...

I pray the right job opens up for you. I have traveled for the birth of grandbabies also. So hard to leave them behind when I returned home. But thankful for email, texting and skype.
Blessings on your week.

Beginner said...

So glad to see you blogging again.
Congrats on your passing the test and your expected Grand baby. Enjoyed the video immensely.

Bella Michelle said...

Congratuations on finishing up school!!! What a wonderful, relief!

I hope you find just the job your are looking for that works well with your family. Enjoy that new baby!

Mo said...

I found your blog while doing a search on God's answering "No" to our prayers. It lead me to your entry from last year about not getting accepted into the nursing program you were working toward. I could relate to the hurt and disappointment that comes when you're sure you are doing what God wants, and yet things fall apart.

I've been unemployed for a few years now and will tomorrow mark the 2nd anniversary of losing my apartment and having to move back in with family. No matter how much I beg, plead, cry and look for a job, nothing happens. My prayers seem to go as far as the ceiling.

Then I looked at the current entry and I see God has worked and things have turned around for you! You are a perfect stranger, but it made me happy for you and gave me a bit of hope for myself as well.

kymber said...

Mo - I am so sorry that it has taken me so long to respond, I have been out of town visiting my new granddaughter and didn't have my computer with me.
I am so sorry to hear about your current situation! I am truly hoping that you are able to read this - God IS hearing your prayers! I know that without a shadow of a doubt! I know that it seem that sometimes we are talking to the ceiling, and i know that it is often hard to understand why He doesn't answer us when we need Him, but please know - that He Loves you, and cares for you more than you will ever know! He WILL answer you - that I am positive about! I KNOW He will answer you in HIS timing - which is often hard for us to understand - because oftentimes it seems like an eternity before the answer comes. Please continue to cling to Him dear Mo - I know that He loves you more than you can ever imagine and His dreams for you are bigger than you could ever dream for yourself.
I want you to know that I will pray for you too - and if you have a church that you go to, please have them pray! I care for you dear friend - and please feel free to email me- I will be your shoulder and friend as you walk through this desert! I am so confident that God has a wonderful plan for you and I hope to hear his wonderful answer in your life.
Gods richest blessings to you my dear!

rcubes said...

Your visit meant a lot today as I read it and your encouragement, the Lord had given to your heart to give for me at His perfect time. Don't feel bad about missing that opportunity of helping out someone because you were overwhelmed at that time. I look at those missed opportunities also as learning process and perhaps, it had to happen that way. How could we be an encouragement if we are overwhelmed ourselves? I trust the Lord knows that girl's needs and I pray that she will grow strong in the Lord's power.

Thank you for reminding me to continue to share about our faith. Comments and followers don't mean a lot except when they come from friends who truly bless me but what's important, we are doing everything for His glory, even our blogging.

Keep drawing nearer to Him. If I may request for you sister to pray for me as I am in a huge battle at work against people who hold high positions. They have been discriminating/harassing me. To me, it's the same as bullying!

But our Source of Strength, our Refuge never fails, no matter how strong the storms are in our lives. He is faithful and it's so good to hear that you are seeking Him always.

May the Lord's blessings be upon you sister. I never forget about you, too, especially now, we share a common passion, aside from being One in the Spirit! May your classmate who became a Correctional Nurse discover the Lord's faithfulness through all the battles she will face. She has nothing to be afraid of. We have nothing to be afraid of as long as our trust is completely on the Lord alone. Thank you for sharing my blog with her but I pray the words I had written or will write will minister to her heart and make her know the Lord because of that.

I see you baking a lot as the cold weather moves in. How wonderful your kitchen must be, smelling of all the things you cook! But you need unwind after a stressful Nursing program. Hang on sister and may you find what the Lord has for you. God bless and empower you. Love you in Christ.

Weezer said...

Congratulations on getting your license. So.....when are you going to go back for your RN? You might as well. You're going to be doing the same work and might as well get the license and the pay. I know I hear about all the nursing needs around the state of Georgia. I've even had people from my prior employer call me to see if I wanted to come back PRN. No thanks. I've gotten to used to retirement. Patience will work in your favor. I know there will be something opened up for you.
Good luck, friend.
(PS. I, too, have neglected my blog. But I'm trying to be more attentive. There's just too many things that take priority.)