Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I Should Be Studying

Nursing school is no joke! It has been VERY challenging but I am having the time of my life! We have had exams every week which has kept me on my toes, and my nose in a book since I started this roller coaster ride!

I was told before entering this program, that if I expected to get straight A's, I would be severely disappointed. Well - it is so true! I have always managed to maintain an A through my college experience. Now, I am GRATEFUL for the B's that the Lord has allowed me to receive! This program is SO challenging and the pace so fast that you barely have time to finish up one test - before they throw another one at you. I am constantly struggling to kept my head above water! The content of the tests are ALSO nothing like anything I have seen before! They are all based on critical thinking skills - so straight memorization of concepts that you are learning, while it does good for you to KNOW the content, it really doesn't do you any good if you can't apply what you have learned to the situations that are presented to you in each question. For example - this is an actual question that was given to me in my Fundamentals of Nursing class:

A patient requires urinary catheterization but has difficulty keeping her legs in the usual position. The nurse has worked for many years and adapts the procedure to allow the patient to lie on her side. This action is based on the critical thinking element of
A. Curiosity
B Experience
C. Perserverance
D. Scientific knowledge

Now this question appears very straight forward, but it actually holds many different meanings. I picked the correct answer which was - B. Experience. You need to pick out key words in the question in order to answer correctly because in certiain questions - they may ALL be correct answers - you have to determine the best answer! In the above question the key words would be - has worked for many years and adapts the procedure. I don't know - maybe you can all see that "B" would be the right answer, but to me - it gets all so very fuzzy at times!!

Or try this one if you are not convinced. Now mind you - these are the easy ones - remember I am just getting started on my journey here - also - I am trying to give you examples that would be understandable without prior nursing knowledge:

The patient is able to ambulate without signs or symptoms of shortness of breath. Which statement by the nurse is the best example of an objective evaluation of the client's goal attainment?
A. Patient has no pain after ambulating.
B. Patient has no manifestations of nausea while up in hall.
C. Patient has no evidence of respiratory distress when ambulating.
D. Patient walked well and did not have any problem when up.

The correct answer - is C - Patient has no evidence of respiratory distress when ambulating.

I don't know - maybe it is just me - but THESE QUESTIONS ARE TRICKY!!! They really require you to stay on your toes - especially when you are taking an exam - because EVERY question counts against your grade!

If I fall below a cumulative grade of 75 in the class - I am out of the program! That is so stressful to everyone - because it is so hard! Every day presents NEW challenges that we have never been faced with. I could never imagine falling below a 75 - EVER! I study too hard for my classes for that to happen - but you just NEVER KNOW when it comes to this program!

I am trying to keep a positive attitude - my husband says I am so negative! I am sorry if I am coming across that way - this is all so new to me and I REALLY don't want to fail. I feel TOTALLy out of control which is disconcerting - but I NEED to start remembering everyday - that GOD IS IN CONTROL OF MY LIFE AND IS DETERMINING THE DIRECTION FOR MY LIFE!!! IF HE WANTS ME TO SUCCEED -HE WILL HAVE TO SEE ME THROUGH IT!

Please pray for me that I am able to get enough sleep - I have been surviving on about 4-5 hours a night and getting up at 3:00 in the morning to study. Please pray that I keep the RIGHT focus - and that I continue to put GOD FIRST in all tihngs - I am trying SO hard to find time to read His Word as well as study. I am trying not to panic and find the RIGHT attitude everyday. I am trying to keep pride out of my heart when I DO get a good grade - I want to remember that it is all GOD'S doing - when that happens and that He can just as easily allow me to fall on my face - if He wants me to!

More later - gotta run!
Blessings to you all,


Beginner said...

I would have already flunked out of the program. I do not do well on tests.

You are doing really well to remember and acknowledge that you are not on this journey alone. With God by your side, nothing is impossible. My prayers go with you also, but your strength comes from above and also from within. Strength of character has already carried you this far and I'm sure will carry you to your goal.

You need/require at least six hours of sleep to function at your best. Try to be certain that you don't shortchange sleep too much.

Weezer said...

Okay now. Remember C = RN
That's it. All you need is that C. I was almost 40 when I started my nursing school and I had the mistaken impression that older also meant wiser. Pffft! Not so. I had to work twice as hard to get half the grade. But it was so worth every minute of those 4 years. Keep your focus. Real world nursing is not like nursing school nursing. Learn enough to pass exams and boards. The real learning will come on-the-job in whatever specialty you choose to work. Don't overthink your questions on exams. They are having to cram so much into a short time. Just look at the information they give you.
I'll be able to helpif I can. Did I ask you before where you're going to school? I'm in Augusta and went to MCG School of Nursing. Then worked at the Children's Hospital for 19 years.