Sunday, May 30, 2010


Orientation left my head spinning! Four hours went by in a flash and I STILL feel like there are questions that were left unanswered! Oh well - July 8th will come quickly now and I guess we will ALL find out then what we have gotten ourselves into!

Everyone arrived yesterday with a smile! We all have been waiting for this for such a long time and since the program is SO competitive - to have made it in, leaves us all feeling very honored to be a part of this awesome experience! There are 33 people in my class. 33 people that I will get to know well as we will be spending a LOT of time together this year! There are only 4 men in our class - and there is a wide range of ages.

We are in a new building so things are a little bit scattered right now - we are not sure where we will end up and as of now - we are elbow to elbow at our desks in a very small room. It is going to be interesting to see how small the room will feel when we each bring all of our books we will need for class every day. :)

Our class filled out the necessary paperwork and applied for background checks and drug tests, then we met with a uniform company to try on our nursing uniforms!! It felt SO great to be able to finally put one on! I am sure I will be sick of white by the end of the year! :)

We were given a large envelope filled with material to go over. There is just so much - I felt my head spinning. We went over our book list - I have nine books that I will need for the first quarter! I already have homework to be completed before the first day of class too - (Eek!)

A group of girls from the graduating class came to give us an idea about what the program will be like and to give us some ideas as to how to organize our time efficiently. We will need to bring ALL of our books with us everyday, so it was suggested that we invest in a quality rolling backpack. One of the girls said that her "Walmart" backpack only made it through 6 months! I kid you not - one of our books alone has over 1800 pages!

One of the girls said, "this program is no joke - you will have lots of fun here, but be prepared to cry ALOT as you will be pushed to the point of exhaustion. Be prepared to kiss your family and friends goodbye for this year of your life." She also said that she really didn't advise working - especially for the first quarter which has me worried - I HAVE to work two twelve hour shifts on the weekends! I have no choice in the matter. At least my hubby told me I could have a housekeeper come in every other week to clean so I don't have to worry about that.

This will definitely be an interesting year! I truly believe that this is all in the Lord's plan for my life - He has brought me to this place - He will have to see me through it! I will have to cling to Him - now just to find the extra time needed for reading my Bible - I really need to keep focused on Him and keep up my morning time with Him now more than ever - because I can't go to church and it would be TOO easy to just let my morning quiet time fall by the wayside - Lord be with me, and help me find the needed time to spend with You!!

I am SO grateful to Him for this wonderful new adventure I am on.

Off to order some books...

Blessings on your day,



Marie said...

congrats! i'm very happy to hear you will be moving forward with nursing. all in gods time, and now it's come to you.

Marie said...

congrats! all in the Lords time, your prayers have been answered.

Beginner said...

I would feel so overwhelmed in your place. So glad that at my age, I am just an observer of your adventure. I am looking forward to what the coming year will bring.

Just remember what they say, "If God brings you to it, he'll bring you through it".

RCUBEs said...

Your post brought me to my past... :) Yes, it will not be an easy journey. There will be many, many sleepless nights. Only to find yourself waking up after dozing off, to go to your rotations. And those books, I mean, library you have to carry! Just don't hurt your back :) I am excited for you sister Kymber. And I will be praying for you in this new road you're walking on. Praying for the Lord's strength, guidance, wisdom, provisions, comfort and discernment over you. Be strong in the Lord's mighty power!

Dayle Allen Shockley said...

Sounds grueling, but you can do ALL things through Christ!

Crown of Beauty said...

Just dropped by to read a bit, it's been a while since I last came here.

Congratulations on your new surely is a promotion from God!

Will be prayin for you.