Sunday, March 14, 2010

Welcome - Your Table Is Ready

"Unless your righteousness surpasses that of the scribes and Pharisees,
you will not enter into the Kingdom of heaven"
(Matt 5:20)

Reflection: There was a dedicated old priest who had always wondered what real difference was between heaven and hell. One day, he had a dream in which God showed him.

First, God showed him hell. The old priest was flabbergasted to find no flames, no horned, pointy-tailed devils - only crowds of angry people pressing around long picnic tables. At each place was a large wooden bowl of food and ten-foot long wooden spoons. Pushing and shoving to find places at the tables, the angry people managed to get their long spoons into the bowls - but they were unable to get them into their mouths. Their frustration and the accompanying bitterness and bickering were sheer hell!

Then the old priest was given a glimpse of heaven. He was amazed to discover the same massive picnic tables, the same huge wooden bowls of food, and the same ten-foot long wooden spoons. But in heaven there was a spirit of peace, thoughtfulness, even joy. In heaven, the people were feeding one another.
To enter the kingdom of God, to realize the reign of God among us in the here and now, we must embrace a new attitude toward God and one another, an attitude based on compassion, generosity, forgiveness, and justice, an attitude centered not in self but in the common good. Such is the holiness that Christ calls us to adopt in our lives if we are to be true sons and daughters of the Father, true brothers and sisters to one another, true disciples of the Risen One.

Prayer: Father in heaven, make us worthy to one day reside in Your dwelling place by embracing Your spirit of love and compassion for one another on our journey to You. As You feed us, may we feed one another; as You forgive us, may we forgive one another; as You welcome us into Your presence at the end of time, may we welcome one another to our tables in this time you have given us.
Daily Reflections For Lent - Not By Bread Alone - 2010

Blessings on your week ahead,


sarah said...

great post....great analogy of reaching out to help each other.....

Whidbey Woman said...

Blessings to you, also. Have a great week!

Beginner said...

Though I've seen this comparison before, I was really glad to see it again. It reminds me of the "golden rule".

Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.

bp said...

I've always enjoyed that story. It is a good one to remind us to be helpful to one another.

RCUBEs said...

The key is to know Him and His love well. When our hearts overflow with His love and Spirit, it is just so full of joy that we are able to share it with others. Can't contain such kind of happiness/joy!

Blessings sister and praying all is well. Take care.

Renee said...

Wow...this really speaks loudly, doesn't it. Thank you for sharing it...God bless.

Denise said...

Beyond beautiful.

Lisa said...

What a beautiful post, Kymber! It's all about perspective and attitude isn't it?

Charlotte said...

A beautiful post, Kymber. It's what it's all about.
Thank you for sharing.

Ginger said...

This is good! I have not heard this story before but I like it and will more than likely tell it someday.
God Bless,

The Muse said...


I am so glad that our banquet table will be bountiful, blessed and Blissfully sweet :)

My son's wedding was so lovely, Kymber :) I did cry, but happily...
I am going to try and post some pics soon :)